Salman Shaha|Best of 5

It has been more than two decades of Salman Shaha’s departure to the heaven, RIP. The late moviestar of Bangladesh is still alive in the hearts of millions of fans even after his early death, interesting enough, he have fans from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and even the millennials! Guess what? He had his filmming career for only four years! (1993-1997) He’s such a legend, a true star; everyone loves him, kids, youths, elderly, everyone! He used to be different from all the other movie stars in the scene, he used to talk different, he used to dress different, he used look diffferent, even the stars of today fails to cope up with the fashion statements of the Shah of Dhallywood. He was a playback singer as well, a complete package with all traits of a Superstar.

Without futher ado I am listing the best five movies of the Shah based on my personal choice. I am avoiding rating and reviewing the movies, as it’s the acting of the Shah which is pivotal; believe you me, you gotta love it!

5. Ei Ghor Ei Shongshar

4. Vikkob

3.Shujon Shokhi

2. Shopner Prithibi

1.Keyamot theke Keyamot

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