Bengali / Bengali Problems / Sylhety

You know you’re Sylheti when… (Part 1)

By- Najia

Okay first thing first, being a Sylhety is awesome, nothing to brag about, but c’mon such community spirit is very rare anywhere in the Universe.syp

 1.”Bari khoi?” The fundamental base to every relationship or friendship – if we are from the same village, we are homies yo! You fancy a girl, the usual pick-up line is “tumar bari Beanibazar! omg! I love Beanibazaris!”. Sometimes it works without a pick up line, “you’re from Moulvibazar as well! Say ‘Kobul’ for three times!”

giphy (3)

2. There are three ways to say “where”… khoi? kwai? khano? Like seriously, why complicate our lives! Can the founder of Sylheti language please tell us which is the correct version to avoid embarrassment when out with a group friends and feeling like the “untouchables” when pronouncing the odd one out
giphy (4)

3. In every sasi’s handbag is a purse and a faanor bata – what do you know about Sokina sasi? That woman has our mouth fresheners ready!(no pun)


4. Three times ask rule: every child is taught to only accept food once you’ve been offered three times. We are “bhodro”, we don’t make our mothers look bad by accepting food the first time round as if they don’t feed us, no ways Ammu, we have your back!

giphy (5).gif

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